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Like you, our customers were searching for a humane and innovative system to keep their family friend contained without restricting their freedom while they were playing in the yard.

The solution is a PAC DOG® Fenceless Boundaries™ pet containment system.  Once the PAC DOG® Fenceless Boundaries™ is professionally installed and trained by our certified trainers, you can rest assure with a “peace of mind” that your pet is safe and happy while they enjoy their new found freedom.

Best of all, unlike traditional fences, cages, and chains, PAC DOG® Fenceless Boundaries™ is the one solution that can’t be dug under, chewed through, or jumped over.  Flowerbeds, swimming pools and child-play-areas can be isolated within the boundary to give added sophistication and “peace of mind”.


For 20 years, PAC DOG® have been the leader in providing you with solutions to give your dog freedom – off the leash.

Since its inception in 1989, PAC DOG® has been at the forefront of humane, dog control technology.

PAC DOG® has achieved this consistently by working with animal psychologists, animal behaviorists, trainers and vets; electronic engineers and designers, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities;  and, of course, a significant user-testing community – PAC's very own large, customer base which will now include WEST COAST PET SYSTEM's customers.


PAC has built a 20-year expertise in electronic collar design and manufacturing -- starting with analog and basic digital systems.

PAC has also developed the sophisticated FSK technology for their Trainer Collar and a digital system to enhance the functionality of its Fenceless Boundaries™ pet containment systems.  PAC’s latest developments include miniaturization of the audio frequency and antenna design in their remote trainers.  This has allowed PAC to achieve the greatest range in the industry despite internalizing their collar antennae within the tough plastic casing of their receivers.